our Impact / Campusalam

Giving Muslim students and staff the skills to make their vision of change a reality.

There’s lots of things a B.A. doesn’t teach you. How do you stop someone in the middle of an incoherent rant? How do you take a group of people who dislike and distrust each other, and turn them into a team? How do you motivate your team to achieve a challenging goal?

Campusalam is a vision that aims for the things we value: integrity, respect, peace and justice. It is an approach: a range of skills with a particular style, such as managing conflict. It is the opportunity – the skills & information resource you can use to achieve your aims and vision.

Success stories

We worked to deliver innovative student event formats which were planned and organised by students: making students the stars of the show instead of passive observers.

  • Comedislam – We worked with three British Muslim comedians to develop a comedy quiz show about Muslim student issues, from Islamophobia to parental expectations.

  • Rumble in Westminster – This event held in June 2009 let students create an argument and speak to a crowd filled with ‘embedded hecklers’. A panel of experts served as X-factor styled judges and supporters of the students’ communication skills.

  • Vlogging for Change – Realising the power of video to communicate ideas and the new technology making it easier for anyone to use, Campusalam created an online module for students on shooting and sharing video of their projects and events.

  • Viral Video Experiment – Hijabis vs. Skinheads. We created an original advert depicting Muslim students responding creatively to a potential conflict with right-wing “extremists”. The video has received hundreds of thousands of hits on YouTube and sparked positive discussion on how to deal with stereotypes.

  • Real-Time Resources. We posted over 300 pages of online resources, with toolkits on communication, event organising, vlogging and problem-solving.

What’s your vision?

This is the question we start with on every campus. Then we work out how to help students achieve that vision together.

A shared vision, founded on collaborative work and collaborative dreaming, is the one that will become reality. If you want to go far, you have to take people with you. It is the first step to convert ideas into real impact.